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What's New:
  A WitE patch and a PzC note... ( 1 January, 2015 )
A small 'patch' for those who prefer to have the soft factor in WitE color coded. Screenshot below - as you can see it doesnt interfere with the fort level toggle.
I am considering to incorporate this into the main mod eventually, but for now I will leave it as a separate patch.

Thanks to Antti for a good suggestion btw! :)

    Screenshot here    Patch here    Main mod here

    NOTE: On a completely different matter - MapMod for PzC and MC. Due to visual changes, as well as changes in the code, made to the JTS digital downloads, MapMod no longer works as intended on these titles. The mod
still works flawlessly on HPS versions, or if you have bought your games on CD's. Avoid installing MapMod on games from JTS for now!

  First World War Campaigns: France '14 updated... ( 23 August, 2014 )
Be sure to grab the new official update for France'14 - get it here if you have the HPS version, or here if you have the JTS version. It will bring France'14 on par with East Prussia'14, including the graphics.

NOTE: Since the official artwork is on my table now (Yay!), MapMod for First World War Campaigns becomes redundant and is therefore removed from this site.


  First World War Campaigns: East Prussia '14... ( 18 August, 2014 )
Yay! My favorite John Tiller series - the First World War Campaigns - just grew twice as big with this second installment, East Prussia '14. Can you guess who got to do the official artwork for it? ;)

    Screen 1     Screen 2     Screen 3     Screen 4

More info on the game here.

  Here we go again... ( 9 September, 2013 )
The journey towards a complete WitE MapMod continues:

This time with a new game interface, improved counters, several fixed map errors and various new markers and symbols added.

Download here
. ( Size 278MB! Just extract to your WitE folder. )

NOTE: The older WitE downloads below are disabled since they are no longer relevant.

More later...

  Dig in... ( 5 Jun, 2013 )
Another small step towards a complete WitE MapMod: Fortifications.

Sample here
and download here. ( Just extract to your WitE folder. )

More soon...

  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... ( 3 Jun, 2013 )
Step three in the creation of a complete MapMod for WitE: Weather effects.

Sample here
and download here. ( Just extract to your WitE folder. )

I'm not done yet - more stuff later.

  No war without armys... ( 29 May, 2013 )
Step two in the creation of a complete MapMod for WitE: Unit Counters.

Sample here
and download here. ( Just extract to your WitE folder. )

More pieces of this puzzle later.

  And now something completely different... ( 17 May, 2013 )
How about a new map for Gary Grigsby's War in the East?

Some small samples of this extremely HUGE map:
        Sample 1     Sample 2     Sample 3

Download here. ( Size 275MB! Just extract to your WitE folder. )

I plan to expand this mod eventually with new counters, symbols and interface details, but for now it is only the map.

I have put more hours into this map than I care to admit, so I really hope you guys like it.

  Who needs a fix? ( 20 November, 2012 )
MapMod for Moscow '42 and Kharkov '43 updated as follows:

Fixed a problem with how the Soviet Tank Corps was displayed on the HQ counters in Kharkov '43 and Moscow '42. My thanks to David - the designer of these two titles - for bringing this to my attention! Appreciated! :-)

  Siberian avalanche... ( 4 November, 2012 )
Achtung Achtung! MapMod for Moscow '42 are waiting for you at the download page! So... Raus Raus! :-)



Let's get modern... ( 18 June, 2012 )
MapMod for all Modern Campaign titles have been updated as follows:

An overall facelift to the complete series, just to bring it on par with the other two. You can check it out here.

Note: Just to let you know - from now on I'm going to focus solely on MapMod for PzC and FWWC, so this update will effectively be the last Modern Campaign related stuff coming from me.




Wear and Tear... ( 14 Mars, 2012 )
MapMod for all Panzer Campaign titles have been updated as follows:

Reworked ground tiles and sidebars ( blankboxes ) are probably the most noticeable in this update, but I have also tried to give the complete mod some much needed patina as well - a very subtle 'Wear and Tear' look if you will.

As usual, Map Legend and Screenshots have been updated to reflect the changes.

I was tempted to say that this was the 'finishing touches' to MapMod for Panzer Campaigns, but in reality I seriously doubt that this is a mod that will ever be truly finished... ;-)




Even more cannon fodder... ( 31 January, 2012 )
MapMod for France '14 updated: Added unit card for the new german unit introduced in the official 1.02 update from HPS. You can download the updated mod from this page: MapMod for First World War Campaigns.



  No April Fool's joke... ( 1 April, 2011 )
MapMod for all Panzer Campaign titles, plus both versions for France '14, have been updated as follows:

I managed to introduce an unforeseen side effect in the last update - railroads and roads was all but impossible to see in larger cities. It should be a little bit easier to trace a route through these now.

And bound by an earlier promise, I have also adjusted the color of the Luftwaffe unit counter.


  Under pressure... ( 19 Mars, 2011 )
MapMod for all Panzer Campaign titles, plus both versions for France '14, have been updated as follows:

Stronger elevation differences - this has been such a frequent request from you guys that I finally succumbed to the pressure... ;-) The update also includes a number of major and minor cosmetical changes.

Also... MapMod for Tunisia '43 are ready for download, and as a little extra bonus you can also find MapMod for Mius '43 ( the PzC demo ) at the download page.


  Ooops... ( 6 February, 2011 )
MapMod for Sicily '43 updated: Added missing unit counters for the US Airborne. I somehow managed to miss them in the last update. Sorry.


  A switch... and a new recruit ( 4 February, 2011 )
MapMod for all Panzer Campaign titles, plus both versions - Basic and Complete - for France '14, have been updated as follows:

1. New and sharper, as in 'less blurry', unit counters.

2. A change that applies to PzC titles only: Switched colors between the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe unit counters. Wehrmacht is now grey and Luftwaffe is light blue. I know a few of you who will be thrilled by this switch... ;-)

3. And finally... MapMod for Kharkov '43 are ready for download.



Taking MapMod to the next level ( 28 October, 2010 )
MapMod for all Panzer Campaign titles, plus both versions - Basic and Complete - for France '14 have been updated as follows:

1. Darker primary roads. Makes them stand out better in winter conditions.

2. Marker for Obstacles resized. Obstacles now have the same size as minefields. This reduces map clutter, particulary in heavily fortified areas.

3. Increased density of Villages and Towns. This give these hexes a bit more visual weight on the map.

4. And last but not least, the main reason for this update: Added a complete MapMod 2D Zoom-Out level.

One-Year Anniversary
This monday it will be exactly one year ago that MapMod found new shelter here at SDC, and I must say it has been a very smooth and pleasant experience. Not one single problem, not even the tiniest little micro glitch have I stumbled upon so far... It is not without reason I say 'Home Sweet Home'! :-)

So thanks again Steve, you are the best!



More cannon fodder for the Great War ( 28 July, 2010 )
MapMod for France '14 updated: Added unit cards for the new german units introduced in the official 1.01 update from HPS. You can download the updated mod from this page: MapMod for First World War Campaigns.



MapMod for First World War Campaigns ( 28 May, 2010 )
I have been toying around with ideas of how to create unique unit art for MapMod ever since the dawn of time, but have had no desire to collide with Volcano's already existing mods out there. So when I learned that a brand new series - First World War Campaigns - was in the making, it felt like the perfect opportunity to finally put my ideas to the test.

So here you have it - the first MapMod ever to include unit art.

It turned out to be quite a challenge though, mainly because I never use artwork from other sources. This little house rule force me to be creative, to draw and paint everything myself - a very time consuming, but rewarding, process indeed. And, lo and behold, this time it wasn't enough to come armed with just a pen and a paintbrush - I needed to bring a whole battery of history books into the arsenal too. :-)

Anyway, here it is - MapMod for First World War Campaigns.


Sealions - do they roar? ( 22 Mars, 2010 )
MapMod for Sealion '40 are ready for download, so hurry up and grab it before someone else does!


  Moscow calling... ( 2 Mars, 2010 )
MapMod for Moscow '41 updated: Added Unit Boxes, Insignia and Counters for NKVD and the Soviet Naval Infantry used in Volcano Man's latest alternative scenarios.
( No need to update if you only play original scenarios. )




( Older news deleted. )


What and Why?
Panzer Campaigns is a series of wargames, published by JTSoftware and HPS Simulations, that covers various World War II battles in great detail.

MapMod is a mod which changes all the 2D graphical elements in Panzer Campaigns. You can find a detailed description of MapMod and its features on the Map Legend pages, or you can take a look at some Screenshots of the mod in action.

Why a MapMod? Well, my reasons were many, but most of all MapMod was made out of love for these games. The historical research behind them are just phenomenal, and the attention to detail is second to none. For me it is like having catched a little piece of history to own one of these titles, and I can highly recommend every single one of them.

( TIP: I know for a fact that games from HPS Simulations can be pretty much impossible to find in any local stores. But I can recommend a great little online store: NWS. These guys are passionate wargamers themselfs, their service is excellent and their pricing is the best I have seen anywhere. )

So... I hope you like MapMod - because it really is a labor of love... :-)



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Scenario Design Center

The Scenario Design Center aims to be a source of inspiration and aid when it comes to custom scenario design and mod making for HPS and John Tiller games.



How to easily avoid problems:

1. MapMod is 100% compatible with Volcano Man's unit art and alternative scenarios, as long as you install Volcano's mod first and MapMod second.

2. Whenever you install an update from HPS/JTSoftware, or from Volcano Man, you should always follow with a reinstallment of MapMod.




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